Publishing excellence in an ever-changing world

COMPRESS.dsl is a friendly, highly motivated, Level 2 B-BBEE publishing firm based in Cape Town. We provide innovative publishing solutions, world-class design and outstanding service to corporate and non-profit clients, within budget and on time.

We provide reliable service, taking publications from conceptualisation to a professionally edited, designed, proofread and printed final product.

Based in Cape Town, we work with clients in South Africa, the UK, Europe and throughout Africa. The advantages of a European time zone and highly skilled English native speakers (with expertise in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Xhosa and Arabic) enable us to offer world-quality services at a cost below that of many of our competitors.

We have published over two thousand books, journals, reports, studies, policy briefs, training manuals, guidelines and directives, newsletters and brochures for non-profit organisations during our fifteen-year existence. Publications have been produced in Afrikaans, Arabic, English, French, Portuguese and Xhosa. We also offer digital solutions for an ever-changing world.


Expertise > corporate clients

COMPRESS.dsl produces annual reports, financial statements, newsletters, investor updates, SENS releases, EGM and AGM Notices to Shareholders for listed and unlisted companies.

Our client base is loyal, with relationships often spanning many years – testimony to the service levels maintained and the quality of the publications produced.
COMPRESS.dsl Overview Corporate (pdf)


Expertise > NGO and academic clients

Our clients in the NGO sector include many of the largest research NGOs in South Africa, and through them we also produce work for the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights, the African Union, the Southern African Development Community (SADC), the European Union (EU) and the UK’s Department for International Development (UK Aid). We have published guidelines, directives, research reports, policy briefs, annual reports, books and newsletters for over a decade, and our relationships with our non-profit and academic clients are very precious to us.
COMPRESS.dsl Overview NGO (pdf)

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