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Hi there, happy Women’s Month!

Thank you all so much for the good wishes, comments and suggestions for our newsletter that are still coming in. We really appreciate the feedback.

The past few weeks have contained plenty of sadness for friends and colleagues going through significant trauma in these COVID-19 days. We know we can only get through this if we all stick together. Thoughts and good wishes are not enough – we need to act positively and decisively, supporting our communities and friends, and making a difference (however small) anywhere we can.

COVID-19 and gender-based violence

During this pandemic we have been forced to confront the scourge of violence against women and children that continues to scar South Africa’s past, present and future. The harsh lockdown that began in March placed many women at additional risk of violence from their intimate partners, though statistics on this are difficult to find or interpret, as explained in this < report > by the Institute for Security Studies on 11 May.

What we’ve been up to

We are especially proud of the annual report we have worked on this month, for the Institute of Justice and Reconciliation, that focuses on the theme of gender-based violence. Its front cover is especially apt for Women’s month.

IJR AR 2019 spread 1

The Institute for Justice and Reconciliation (IJR) was launched in the year 2000, in the wake of South Africa´s Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The aim was to ensure that lessons learnt from South Africa´s transition from apartheid to democracy were taken into account as the nation moved ahead.

Today, the Institute helps to build fair, inclusive and democratic societies in Africa through carefully selected engagements and interventions. It contributes to post-conflict stability, good governance and human security through programmes that promote political reconciliation and social and economic justice across Africa.

Below are a few of the pages in the report. The full annual report showcases its work in applying lessons from the South African experience of transition to explore projects and partnerships that will deepen the efforts to build fair, inclusive and democratic societies in this country, but also the rest of the continent and other global post-conflict societies.

Get your message across COMPRESS.dsl

For the full report, please click < here >.

Get your message across COMPRESS.dsl

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