Newsletter 20_ Back in the saddle and hanging on for dear life!

COMPRESS.dsl: Back in the saddle and haning on for dear llfe! - image of Ollie the horse - close-up of face

… and hanging on for dear life!

Hellooooo there

We don’t think we’ve ever had a busier start to the year – it is only mid-February, and we feel as though we’ve done 12 months’ work of business already. On top of that we’ve had: a Covid case; clients’ year-end invoicing crises; and a launch date fixed for March (by a minister) for books an author hasn’t finished writing yet! All in all, an excellent start to the year – because who would want to be bored?

Steps in the process of creating a publication

Seeing as it’s a new year, and I at least seem to have forgotten almost everything I learned in 2021 (blame it on Covid fog), here, once again, is the publication process, and the steps that need to be taken – preferably in the correct order – if we want a project to run smoothly from start to finish.

Infographic depicting 10 steps in the process of creating a publication

Enjoy the next month, and do be touch if you need assistance in planning your projects for 2022. Also, please share if you can think of how we can publish a book that hasn’t yet been written …

Image of a book, title: A book blah blah, by Who Knows and with a child like drawing of Ollie the horse

How can we help you?

Please do < contact us > for a free quotation for assistance with translation, copy-editing, graphic design, layout or proofreading of any of your corporate publications. Have a look below to see how we can help you with your next project. We can work with any sensible budget or timeline, and are keen to reach out especially to those who need our help during these exceptional times.







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