Newsletter 2: Design matters!

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Hi there, happy Monday!

We really appreciate the positive feedback we’ve had on our first newsletter. It’s given us the chance to catch up with people we’ve not chatted to for a while, and exchange stories of our experiences in these strange days. It continues to be a challenging time for everyone, but we have all learnt different things from it – including resilience, creativity, and the importance of kindness and humility.


What we’ve been up to

COMPRESS.dsl is open and working on a wide range of publications this month. For corporates and NGOs with a February year end we are busy finalising and printing annual reports, while, for those whose financial year ends on 30 June we are cranking out design ideas and organising photoshoots.

We’ve also been fortunate this month to have worked on a number of meaningful reports relating to human trafficking, reparations for victims of torture, the trade in law enforcement equipment, and gender-based issues in the maritime space. A selection of these publications can be accessed via the links below:

ISS - Women in Africa’s maritime space COMPRESS.dsl

ISS - The trade in tools of torture COMPRESS.dsl


Design matters!

When it comes to attracting someone’s attention and convincing them to read your publication, it is hard to overestimate the importance of design. Take the example below, based on a policy brief we have just produced for the ENACT project at the Institute of Security Studies (ISS). On the left is the document in Word format as it was sent to us, and on the right is the ISS ENACT policy brief The new slavery: Kenyan workers in the Middle East, ready to post on their website. COMPRESS.dsl designed and sourced the images and graphics, and typeset the policy brief – in the space of 7 working days.

For more information on ISS and ENACT, please visit their websites at and

ENACT Policy brief COMPRESS.dsl


How can we help you?

Please do contact us for a free quotation for assistance with translation, copy-editing, graphic design, layout or proofreading of any of your corporate publications. Have a look below to see how we can help you with your next project. We can work with any sensible budget or timeline, and are keen to reach out especially to those who need our help during these exceptional times.






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