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But we’ll continue to work in sync

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Despite the naysayers and prophets of doom, Japan managed to pull off a pretty incredible Olympic Games – giving us all hope and joy in the middle of a year that, to be honest, has been dire in so many ways. We await with eager anticipation the opening of the Paralympics next week.

As our clients start awakening from their winter slumbers (or in-the-field research, or finalising of journal articles, or gathering of inputs for annual reports) we are getting busier. But we’ll always manage to synchronise our work with that of our clients, so we can produce top-quality publications at excellent prices and always on time.

An example of perfect teamwork: IJR’s Youth Identity project photobook

“Individual commitment to a group effort –
that is what makes a team work, a company work,
a society work, a civilization work.”
(Vince Lombardi)

We recently worked with the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation’s (IJR) Youth Identity project to produce a short but intensely moving photobook for their youth project in Calitzdorp.

The IJR Youth Identity project has worked with young people across three of South Africa’s provinces since 2018 on themes that include human dignity, social (in)justices, identities, belonging, and reconciliation. In 2021, the project expanded its objectives to include the advancement of self-acceptance and dignity among young people within the thematic context of identity and belonging. The YIP uses animated dialogue, free writing, visual arts, and other creative tools to stimulate and deepen conversations on human dignity and the multiple ways it is harmed and bolstered in our communities.

In 2020, just before the national lockdown, the project gave eight young people in Calitzdorp disposable cameras and asked them to walk through their community and capture on film the scenes and spaces that exhibited key moments in their lives. These eight young people were asked to reflect on the key challenges that 2020 had thrown at them, and the ways it might have shaped or changed them. Each reflection touched on personal experiences of the pandemic, on insights and lessons learned, and on anxieties and hopes for 2021. In this publication are nuggets of wisdom, snapshots of experiences, and an abundance of hope.

Click on the image below to view this special publication.

IJR’s Youth Identity project photobook "Youth Speaks" cover image

For more information on the IJR, please visit < >

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Compress 2021 desk planner diary visual of different pages

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